Tuesday, 22 September 2020

My Whakapapa Journey. By Joyla

Hello my name is Joyla. I am Tongan, Fijian and British. As you can see there is a big koru in my drawing because those are my grandparents that live in Sydney, Tonga and America. My dad Tone eats vegetables and he trains my sister Eti for her rugby games. He goes to the gym to be strong because he thinks he is not strong enough. He is loving and caring. My Mom Seinei is the best. She always works hard and takes good care of us when my dad goes to work. She will let us have a talk if something is wrong. 

My sister Eti is strong. She always goes with my dad to Dunkirk to train for her rugby games. She braids my hair when my hair is bushy. My sister Ana stands up for me when I get bullied. She also comes with me to turn on the lights when we finish watching a scary movie.

My sister Lesieli is so kind and sometimes she takes us to her ballerina practice and to her ballerina dances.

 She has taken Ana and I to the snow planet before. My Brother Tevita is the best. He lets me go to the shops with him. He buys us lollies from the shops and he gives my mom money to buy us food. 

My Brother Patelesio can be so annoying because he uses us as a boxing shield!. My little sister Oliveta is so kind because she shares her stuff with me.

 My sister Ana and Eti’s last name is different to mine because their last name is my mom's last name but my brother and my last name is my dad's. The two hearts remember my family members who have died from sickness and cancer. Family is important to others.

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